Thursday, February 02, 2012

Warmachine: 25pt Butt Kickin

I went to DW and did some basing for the terrain building session.  If you go up there and want to bitch at someone for the poor job of placing sand, yell at me.

I got a 25pt match to help one of the guys prep for Templecon.  How hard is it to just throw a 25pt army together in 5 minutes.  Yeah...about that hard.  I was trounced by a very good Vlad player.  My normal strategies don't work when a lot of the pieces I rely on aren't there.  It was a very fun learning experience.

The reward for my work and my butt kicking?  My shipment from Miniature Market arrived.  1 dread, 2 predators, and a box of terminator.  The Dread is almost put together.  I am converting a sword from the Dreadknight to act as a CCW.  Pics tomorrow. 

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