Saturday, February 25, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Happy 25th Anniversary

25 years ago Games Workshop came out with Rogue Trader.  I didn't pick it up for a few years later.  I think it was just a year or two before 2nd edition.  I loved the book.  I wouldn't start playing until 2nd edition came out.  I borrowed a friends Genestealer Cult army to play at Balticon.  It was a huge game.  We made modificatiosn to the rules as we went but it was fun.  I remember some of the players still to this day (Doug, Thom, Jason and Max).

Today was GW's party. There was no cake but there was stuff.  They sold a limited edition figure (which I bought) and a few other items.  I even played in their major battle.  It was an experience and one that I will probably not do for at least 5 years.  I did get the 25th anniversary pin.  That was worth dealing with the youth that was there. 

There was also a gentleman there who had a kick ass looking Dark Angels army.  Also the Imperium lost in turn 5.  Surprisingly, most of my forces survived.  The DA player was much more aggressive than I and I made sure the whipper snappers knew my threat bubble.  The Chaos and Tau players that had their transports wrecked in turn one had to hoof it the rest of the game or turned on other opponents. 


  1. Thank God for the internet. Games Workshop's stores annoy the crap out of me. Even without the kids, their pushy sales staff assault you the moment you enter... "Hey man. What do you play? How long you been playing? Have you seen the new blah blah blah." I've been playing Warhammer since before you were born. Back off Jack!

    Anyway, the mini is cool! Makes the annoyance worth it.

  2. Luckily the one in columbia isn't bad. I will need to go to the battle bunker to order some Forge World stuff. That will be a pain.