Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Battle Foam PACK 720

I ordered another bag to hold my 40k stuff.  You have to keep your game systems separated or you have one declare a Great Crusade and there is war and stuff.  I like to keep them as far as part as possible.  I went back to Battle Foam and was looking at the PACK AIR and the 720.

For the cost, the PACK AIR is probably a better buy.   It costs about $20 more for 6" more foam BUT also costs $15 more to ship due to it's size.  If I didn't already have the Privateer Press bag, I would have went this route BUT I went with the PACK 720.

I recently signed up for their message board at 40k Radio and for the membership costs ($25) you get 15% off of Battle Foam products.  I did this since I want to buy more foam for my armies.  The discount almost paid for it's self with this purchase.  If you want to buy from them and you don't want to wait for their Black Friday sale, this is a good deal.  Also, their message board is pretty cool.

The drawback is you have to call them to get the discount.  I called up and had a VERY helpful rep that was quick and made sure that I got everything I needed.  She ended by saying, "It's in stock and should ship soon."  This is great.  I did call and order four weeks prior to when I would like to have it.

This is where the main (and only) gripe begins.  They are slow.  Real slow.  That being said, they don't hide it.  Yes, the rep said shipping soon BUT their website says, "2 to 3 weeks for non-customized pieces.  3 to 4 weeks for customized pieces".  I didn't order anything custom.  It took three weeks to get my first bag but I assumed that was due to their sale.

It arrived three weeks on the nose. The reason I believe for the delay was TempleCon.  I ordered two weeks prior and they had my money.  Would I do the same thing in their shoes?  Yes.  They had my money and know their stock.  Worse case they sold out but probably expected to get some in the 2 - 3 week window.  It makes business sense. 

I can complain (and I am) about taking their sweet old time but they weren't being disingenuous about it.  It is in black and white. Yes, their new(er) infomercial says they have ready to ship but it's a commercial. The Dunkin Donuts near me says they have French Vanilla yet they never have any available when I order.  If they take the full allotted time to send out my package, it is their right.  Since this is the worse I can say about their company, they are doing a good job.  CURSE YOU FOR JUST BEING ON TIME!!!

On to the bag.

The bag is what you would expect from Battle Foam.  Kevlar material.  Good stitching throughout (including the logo).  Hard outer shell.  5-ish pockets.  These are big enough to load up everything and I mean everything.

Pluck Foam
I got the pluck foam and I can say this will probably be my last time.  The foam is on par (maybe even better than Blu from Portable Warfare and a lot better than the standard foam from Sabol. There was a small defect on one of the larger pieces.  It looks like the glue did not go where it should have causing a small section of the border to not be attached.  Is it enough to warrant returning that piece?  Probably not.  Only time will tell and they do have a lifetime warranty on the foam.

The craftsman ship on the bag is excellent.  It is worth the price.  Years ago I was one of the majority that said, "That is way too much money for a bag of foam."(the wife still says that) but it is worth it.  The more time I put into this the more I worry about the models.  Since I have been regularly going to stores and starting to get into tournaments, I want to reduce the risk of damage.   

The bag is also deceptively small.  I ordered the Privateer Press bag and said this is small.  I have way more room than I thought.  I took a look at the 720 when a friend came over to play 40k.  I was really worried that I made the wrong choice.  Plucking the foam for the vehicles in my BT army had me convinced I made the wrong choice.  Then came the troops.  I looked at what was left over and realized that I have not even used all of the space allotted.  Will I need more foam?  You bet.  Will I need another transport probably.

I know.  You dropped some change on a transport and you will probably need another transport?  Yes.  Looking at what I have currently and the likely hood of going to tournaments further away to play not just multiple systems but Multiple formats has me convinced that I don't have enough space.  Look at Nova.  If I play in some pick up games of Warmachine, the GT and the Narrative, I have two 2000 point armies and my Warmachine minis.  The minimum has me taking two bags.  Ideally, I will just get a larger bag.  If I go to DW to play one system, I take one bag.  More systems bigger bag.

Why didn't I bite the bullet and just get a bigger bag?  Because it didn't make sense.  15% is great on a small bag but at 25% I can get a custom loaded large bag (AIR or 1520 XL).  I'll see what I decide on this November.

But there are cheaper alternatives.  Yes, there are cheaper alternatives.  But you need more of them to transport more.  If you look closely, you end up requiring more to transport the ever growing armies.  Plus your not as protected.

  • Great storage
  • Can be added on using the PACK PLUS
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent Protection
  • Variety of foam that can be customized
  • Slightly more expensive than the competition
  • Delivery takes time so plan accordingly
  • Doesn't have as many nifty features as the Privateer Press Battle Foam bag
 You can't go wrong with this bag.  If you have the cash, make the investment.

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  1. Good review -- I concur. I too have the 720 (and PP bag, and the PACK GO & 432), and am already eyeing the PACK Air.

    This is a never-ending hobby, and for the price (considering my time and models) and protection, BF rocks.