Monday, February 06, 2012

P3 Primer: When primer goes bad

Today was a beautiful 50+ degree day.  A perfect day to prime some minis.  After having some issues with the should pads, I was ready to prime my predators.  Sprayed one using P3 black primer.  It came out looking like crud.  My heart dropped and I was ready to kill.

P3 primer was my new go to since Army Painter (which has yet to fail me) was the most expensive next to GW.  It has failed me twice in recent days. 

I had a can of Painter's Touch flat black that I bought when  someone on one of the boards recommended it.  I decided to take it for a spin.  I have to say it worked great.  It did not go on like most primer I am use to and I have to actually paint it Chaos Black to make it look like the others but it worked pretty good.  Plus it is like 3 bucks a bottle.  I guess it is a win. 


  1. I have gone through a few different brands, and I like the quality and consistency of Krylon Flat Black / White / Grey primer available at most Wal-Marts, the cost is about 3 bucks, and as with all paints avoid storing them in the shed or garage due to heat/cold issues.

  2. Yeah...I store them in my art room but the Krylon and the Painters touch seem the most stable.