Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoying the hobby

In 2010, I started playing 40k at least once a month.  Playing with Todd (Sincan40k) was fun until I looked at his army versus mine on the field.  Perfectly painted models running across the board.  Mine were poorly painted and some weren't even primed.  I had model envy.

I picked up the Trygon model and put it together and wanted to paint it.  So I did.  I picked green carapace and tan-ish bone (this was before Beasts of War did the same color only better on video).  I thought it looked good and I was heart broken when the cheap sealer messed up the coloring. I started painting the rest of my nids.  I never finished them but I started.

In the weeks to follow, I became more and more engrossed in the hobby.  I picked up Codex: Space Marines last year and was going to make an army.  I did Ultramarines (I would also pick up Grey Knights and Dark Eldar but that is another story) and actually finished a 2000 point army with three colors.  Looking at them they aren't very good looking but they were done. I even used them at Blobs.

Recently, I started playing with Beltway Gamers at Dream Wizards and got into Warmachine.  I even picked up a few airbrushes and conquered my fear of them.  I signed up to do the NOVA GT and picked a new army to build start to finish for it.  I picked Black Templar for two reason: 1)They were rumored to be the next codex, 2) To do a black and yellow theme for my Steelers.  The thing I noticed is I enjoyed the hobby.  Learning the fluff of the Templars.  Building the army lists.  Selecting my models and painting them. 

I noticed since I started enjoying the hobby aspect of the games certain things would set me off on a tangent.  If I screwed up on a model, I would be on edge knowing that a model was ruined until I could correct that one offensive thing.  I am not afraid to try something new.  OSL?  Check (Note: Ron at FTW schooled me on the fact I made some rookie mistakes).  Magnets?  Check.  Taking in tons of info? Check.

Now I don't think I am an expert at the hobby.   Far from it.  I put myself at rank amateur.  But I have become passionate about the hobby and learning more about it.  Building these Black Templars have been a great experience.  Learning from the various blogs has been equally as great.  Having feed back has been great. People explaining what I did right and wrong has also helped me.  Who knows maybe some one will actually steal some of my ideas like I steal everyone else.  

I am done ranting.


  1. I wouldn't say schooled. More like tried to share what I've learned and I should be the grateful one for you sharing what you do.

    You've got a passion for the hobby, that's all that matters in the end.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Ron,

    I jest. Your write up was right on target and helped me out. Between you and Todd, I might be able to paint myself out of a wet paper bag (If someone puts a YouTube video explain how to get out of the bag).

  3. You are never done ranting. 8P.

  4. Good post and well said. I think your new found passion for the hobby is what lured me in to 40k. I saw how engrossed you and Todd were in it and I figured if I wanted to get some wargaming in here's two guys (also Thom & Jason) who look like they'd be willing to play. Well that and you guys baiting me in with newly purschased fanatasy armies that never got used! :~)

  5. @Todd - Too true.

    @Matt - I only bought the VC army book. I still like the look of some of the models and may pick up a few to paint when my back log is finished (which should be the start of the great crusade). Your army looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to see what you added.