Monday, February 13, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Weekend Update Edition

Spent a lot of time painting and re-painting.  I started detailing my 20 marines.  I added some metal color but didn't like the way it looked and had to go back and repaint it.  I started working on airbrushing their pauldrons.  I will need a few coats but the yellow does come out the way I want it after two or three coats.

I added the yellow to one of my Predators.  I need to add another layer to the weapons and then add the metal.  I also need to paint the icons and add some dirt to the yellow.  I will have at least a mostly painted Predator for this weekends games at Chuck's Comics. 

Monday and Tuesday will be assembling my terminators and making my photo box.  I did manage to find enough missile racks for the terminators.  I will have two normal cyclone missile launches.  One of the typhoon missile launcher sets and a pair of missile racks from two drop pods.  They will be a motley crew but the will be loaded.   The photo box will hopefully allow me to take better photos than what I have been.  I will post some photos when the box is assembled.

Lastly, I spent time actually cleaning my paint area.  It is amazing just moving the paints actually freed up the bulk of my workspace. 

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