Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Silky Smooth Colors

I read awhile back on a hobby blog from Privateer Press about using inks to water down colors.  I have been trying it out with some pretty nice success.  It's not any real difference than what people do with water.  It just keeps the color pretty much the same strength.  I have tried yellow/yellow ink and recently black/black ink.

 It offers a nice blend with less effort.  Is it better? I don't think I am skilled enough to make this call. I just know it is easier and requires less to cover. 

These pics are me using black/black ink.  Both the paint and ink are Reaper Master Series.  NOTE: I have not cleaned up the black yet and my good brush just gave up the ghost and the new one won't be here till next week.  I plan on touching it up by using yellow/yellow ink.

Below are some of the bolter Initiates I have been working on.  No highlights have been done except for the cloth and some of the parchment.  I see a lot of flaws in my work but I think I have improved from last year by a lot.  The yellow was done using the yellow/yellow ink from Reaper.  

Using a Micron .005 tip for the parchment. 

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