Friday, February 17, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Prepping for Chuck's Comics Invitational

Chuck's Comics is having a little six man three round match I like to call the "Chuck's Comics Invitational".  The guys at Chuck's is trying to get more gamers to come out.  I would advertise it with the 40k players in Beltway but the place has no room but they are still growing.

You can also say that with six people marines are represented.

Sean – Black Templar
Josh – Orks
Herb – Chaos Space Marines
Thom – Grey Knights
John – Space Wolves
Chris – Blood Angels

The way I see it I get to get out of the house and play three games and test my list.  I am running a gun line with a lot of missiles.  Todd from Sincain40k is running it and he is using some Ard' Boyz type scenarios.  I will post some of the games as it goes on. 

I have to proxy a few items.  My rhinos and one or two speeders will be from my Ultramarines army.  I have the terminators assembled.  I will use some temp bases for them.  My initiates are based but arm-less.  I hope I get my extra lascannon from Spikey Bits.They sent me 3 of 4 and mailed out the 4th a day ago.  Not that it will matter much.  As sad as my painting skills are, I think I may be the only one that put any effort into my minis but that is another story. 

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