Monday, February 20, 2012

Chuck's Comics Results

Here are the final numbers:

1st Place Sean VP total - 32 (3 - 0)
Turn 1 Minor Victory VP - 10
Turn 2 Minor Victory VP - 5
Turn 3 Minor Victory VP -17

2nd Place Thom VP total - 30 (2-1)
Turn 1 Loss VP - 6
Turn 2 Minor Victory VP - 3
Turn 3 Massacre VP -21

3rd Place Herb VP total - 21 (1-2) - Won Sportsman Award
Turn 1 Minor Victory VP - 14
Turn 2 Loss VP - 3
Turn 3 Loss VP - 5

4th Place Josh VP total (0-3) - 18
Turn 1 Loss VP - 13
Turn 2 Loss VP - 3
Turn 3 Loss VP - 2

5th Place John VP total (0 - 3) - 11
Turn 1 Loss VP - 4
Turn 2 Loss VP - 2
Turn 3 Loss VP - 5

I went 3 and 0.  Started against Thom and his GK after our 6th player had to be a no show for the second event in a row but that is another matter.  Todd (from Sincain40k) ran the event and kept it pretty exciting.

My two pics....

This is when the game was called.  It is the section of the board that all the action happened. It was CSM.  Great guy but he held everything in reserve because I gave him the empty corner.  I lost one predator and one terminator squad. 

This is the end of round1.  It was DoW and I deployed nothing.  I brought everything in from the table edge.  His LR didn't move past that mark and not much made it past the Droppod location. 


  1. Great Job! Seemed like a cool way to do a tourney, more personal.

  2. was pretty nice. "Chuck's Comics" plan to expand into their storage area which would give them room for 7 tables. Not as grand as DW but pretty good for a store just getting into games.

    The player base is a little green and mostly play Fantasy. Todd's missions were pretty thought out and I think that threw a lot for a loop. I know I forgot a few mission objectives on the second game. Each mission had a nice theme and a little Role-play element.