Tuesday, January 17, 2012

With but a stroke, a world almost ended

Last night,I started messing with putting a decal on the Emperor's Champion.  I had it on and set except for a tiny spot at the top.  Today my decal set arrived from Amazon and I thought, "I can put a little on the top and put it in place."  Nope...it took the decal off and a lot of the whit on the shoulder.  I tried brushing a few layers and besides taking too long it was on even.  I almost wept.

I pulled out the trust airbrush.  Put some white in it.  Lowered the PSI and went to town.  After 40 minutes.  I had the shoulder looking like new and the world has returned to it's prior state of order.

Lesson: Follow directions and seal the mini prior to getting fancy.  I am not a skilled pro and messing up drives me crazy.  This is a hobby I want to grow in.  While mistakes happen, being sloppy will ruin your fun.  Don't rush kiddies!

I managed to get some priming down.  I have the bodies of primed of several space marines and the drop pod doors.  What did I forget?  I never glued any heads on the marines.  Today was not the day to work on minis.

Tomorrow is another day.  

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