Sunday, January 15, 2012

WIP: Black Templar Bases

I started working on the bases for my Emperor's Champion and Initiates.  I am using the cork and sand method explained by  I wanted it to look like stone on the cheap and I think his method is the cheapest and looks the best.  Todd (SinCain) uses it with great success on his Blood Angels.

The cork is glued on the base and sand is applied with white glue.

I then airbrush them in black.

I drybrushed the base with Fortress Grey

The model is just to show what a model would look like on the base.


  1. I tried the same method but haben't put a model on it yet si I'm looking forward to seeing how it tuns out. But it was easy and cheap so there are no complaints yet.

  2. I couldn't find bases that really fit my design. I liked the Dragon Forge stone bases but didn't want to buy something that I was so-so on. I had all the material laying around. You really can't beat the cost.