Wednesday, January 04, 2012

WIP: Black Templar and Sixth Edition

In between actually doing stuff required for survival (i.e keeping the wife happy), I have been reading up on my latest project: Black Templar.  I have two main things I need to finish prior to starting.  I will have the bulk of the Cryx bases painted and prepared to be slimed.  I will also have Saxon Orik finished.  He is on the base now and I need to finish his sheath, skin/face and touch ups.  

I was reading over at "Another Army Blog" and he was talking about an army a year.  He picked an existing army, designed and built the army.  I love the idea.  I was thinking about it and will do almost nothing but work on my BT this year.  The only exception is basing and working on my Khador and Cryx since they are purchased and almost put together.  I also have a few DE pieces I need to assemble for the Dream Wizards Team Tournament.  I figure the focus will be hard but if I break it up with the stuff I need to finish from my WM and existing armies I should be able to get past the ADD.

Then comes 6th edition....

This is the real kicker.  BT is possibly the next Codex (which is a good and bad thing) but the 6th edition is the great unknown.  We have heard all kind of rumors:

  • The Codexes from IG on where written with that in mind - I don't believe that with maybe the exception of Necrons and maybe (big maybe) GK and DE.  DE would only be the flyer portion.  This would also mean that if Tau or BT came out they would be compliant.  This is a possibility but could still be rubbish.
  • Force charts can be modified - The rumors have said you can swap a slot for a slot with exception or that you have to have a percentage of X.  I think the swap sounds possible.  The percentage is too confusing for those not using Army Builder.
  • FAQs for all.  - Not sure about this but it would make sense.
  • Cover Fixed - This needs to happen. I haven't had an issue at the one tournament I played in but in home games it sucks.
  • Forge World Models - This is speculation based on the write up found in the Apocalypse II book.
The rumors also state a June/July release which makes sense.  I think I bought 5th around my Birthday when it dropped.  It also made a easy birthday gift for peeps.

We will see how this project goes.  A lot of unknowns.  I will need to work on a real display board for NOVA, I need to stay focus and get to work.  Should be a lot of fun if I can finish. 


  1. I really like this 1 army 1 year idea. I tried to do that with mine but 4 months in and I find myself getting side tracked with wanting to paint LOTR models.

    Keep us posted. I like BT. Probably my 2nd favorite behind Salamanders.

  2. I know but I also have a Cryx army and a Khador army to paint and get minis for. BT will be my primary army to paint for 40k.