Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warmachine: Prepping for War-Torn Alliances

Last night was open gaming at Dream Wizards.  I got a rematch of my intro game against Nate (The resident Press Ganger).  It was also my first time playing Mercs.  He played Gorten Grundback.  I played a new list which I have (or will add) to the armies tab. 

The game got interesting early when he popped his feat and had my guys move forward 8 inches.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), it blocked his charge lane and he couldn't take out eSorscha.  During eSorscha's turn I was able to do a lot of damage but couldn't close the deal. 

It wasn't until turn 4 when eSorscha, left with one hit, stole victory from the jaws of defeat.  OK.  That is really dramatic and like most games of Warmachine/Hordes it was just down to the dice.  I was able to do the final 4 points of damage and steal a win.

Nate was a great opponent and will be running the Warmachine/Hordes events at NOVA.  I have to do the plug because I committed to playing 40k and I really should have asked Nate about the Warmachine/Hordes schedule because he said they are adding more games.  Which is awesome!  He even said there will be a game for traitors like me that want to play the GT and play Warmachine/Hordes.  There will also be plenty of space for pickup games. 

I promise to start keeping better battle records.  I didn't think of it until after the first round.  It was a good prep for the league. 

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