Monday, January 02, 2012

NOVA: The Great Flip-Flop

I decided to do the 40k GT at NOVA. The reasoning is simple: the experience. I love Warmachine and I could have found partners for the 3 man team and built a 50pt army but there is the experience.

I loved Blobs even though I missed the final match due to a migraine and finished dead last. It was fun. I doubt it will be that fun mainly because the stress level and hype. I think the experience will still be amazing.

I will lose the first round and have the remaining rounds to chill. I am also very excited about nighthammer. The DC Narrative sounds cool.

Next is what to play. I will probably do a flavor of Space Marines. This will probably be a good place to do my count as Black Templar army (I need to pick a name for them). I will keep all posted.

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