Friday, January 27, 2012

The Confluence Crusade: The Hobby Side

Putting together this Black Templar army is a new process.  In the past, I bought models because they were Tyranids and I wanted to play a few games.  I played Todd and he stomped me into the dirt.  When the new Tyanids Codex dropped, I started getting back into the game aspect but I wasn't serious.  I just put the cool parts on the models and I threw dice.

I then started looking beyond the Tyranids.  I went for Ultramarines and Grey Knights.  The Ultramarines were far from WYSIWYG but I started really wanting to paint.  The GK was closer to WYSIWYG but not quite.  I did start to get more into the painting side with the GK.

I bought a Dark Eldar army off a Beltway Gamer to start them up.  I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be.  The main reason is I really wanted to actually put them together.  I wanted to paint them  I wanted to make them mine.

When Todd (Sincain) gave me the idea for this project, he was mentioning Imperial Fists because of the color scheme.  I told him I really wanted to do a crusade.  Then I thought the the Black Templar were an off shoot of the Imperial Fists.  What if instead of white and black, it would be black and yellow.  I would work up stencils that have the Steel symbol (for the Steelers)

I then started thinking about how I would paint and assemble them.  Worrying about the details.  Doing the best I can and taking a lot of lessons learned from my past projects.  I am also listening to a lot of other people on things they have done and taking their advice.

The goal is to have this army ready for NOVA.  Do I think the list I have made will be the NOVA list?  No.  I am actually thinking I am pretty far off.  In fact, the list I submitted to Chuck for his little 6 man tourney will probably get smashed.  It will be good practice but I am preparing to lose.

The thing I can say is the hobby side is what is driving this.  I plan on getting to Land Raiders done around April.  I want to expand this and make it fun.  Mostly I want to improve in the hobby side.  Who knows.  Maybe I will get brave and try some mods.

I welcome anyone's advice on ways I can improve this project.

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