Monday, January 09, 2012

Chuck's Comics February 40k Tournament

Mainly a small gathering in a small shop where Thom talks smack about his two victories.  Here is the URL.

A quick synopsis:

February Tournament
Date: Sunday Feb 19th 2012
Time: Start 10AM
Points:  2000


        I.            $10 buy in. People were asking to up the stakes the last two tourneys so we bumped it from $5 to $10. Prizes will be determined by the turn out.

      II.            You must pre-register by February 15th, payment is also due by the 15th. Don’t pay, don’t play.

    III.            Your list MUST be submitted by the 15th. The lists will be run though Army Builder. Four copies will be printed for each army to be handed out before each game. If you list is not submitted you will not be able to play. NO exceptions. Email lists to

    IV.         The tournament will be  1 vs 1

      V.         Scenarios and Deployments will be assigned per turn, they will not be random nor will they be standard. Win or lose, no draws.

    VI.          Games will be limited to 2.5 hours.

  VII.          Standard rules, No Forgeworld, Planetstrike, etc..

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