Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye 2011. Hello 2012

This will be my last post for 2011.  It has been an up and down year. Mostly up.  This was the first year I got into tournaments and WarmaHordes.  I got serious about 40k and gaming/modeling in general.  I found out about Beltway Gamers and have found new ways to get my arse beat. 

 What am I looking forward to into 2012 (aside from the end of the world)?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WIP: Cryx Bases

Just the initial painting sucked on these. A lot of skull and bones to paint. I mixed Realistic Water with P3 yellow and green ink. I hope it dries clear.

WIP: Saxon Orik

Here is some more work on Orik. Some of the shading and highlighting on the cloak. I went a little dark and need to lighten some of it but happy do far.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Break

Christmas was a great day.  Spent some time with the kids.  Started working on the Black Templar army and got some more work done on Orik and one of the Cryx bases.  I can't believe I have a bunch of these bases I need to do.  The skull bases look cool but are going to be a pain. 

Since I am off this week I plan to do a heavy dose of painting, building and TOR.  Plus get a game of 40k in versus Todd (SinCain). 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

WIP: Saxon Orik and Black Templar Project

Here is some pics of my newest WIP, Saxon Orik.

I did most of the coats of white and Thornwood Green.  Some reason the back looks darker then it should.  Going to start adding the metal for his armor and then start clean him up.  I have to prime my Khador UA so I can start with that after this.  Or at least get them based and usable. 

I want to start on the Cryx army since it looks so cool. 

Now the Black Templar project....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beltway Gamers Holiday Party

Made it out last night to the Beltway Gamers/Dream Wizards Holiday Party.  I wish I would have asked for off today.  I didn't stay later then I normally do because I had to work but I think it would have been fun to play all the board games and maybe get a few more WM games in. 

I did manage to get another game against Dan and his Cygnar.  We both messed up on the rules and a few Press Gangers later corrected us but the damage was done.  The game was fun and much better than my first outing.

It started and played like the first game.  He went through and was destroying my Winterguard Infantry without much recourse.  I have to say I have not played them very well.  He then proceeded to attack Beast-09 and Spriggan while moving closer with Haley.  By round four, everything was engaged, dead or avoiding combat.  I popped eSorscha's feat and started wrecking shop.  Holt got a lucky shot and almost boxed Haley but left her with one point.  Dan's turn was next and he launched everything at Sorscha and just managed to drop her.

It was a fun match and I love the fact that your never really gone in the game.  I made some mistakes (like not using the War Dog's free charge) but was happy with the play.  Getting the rules down is a big thing.  Forgetting some of the effects rules.  I really need to re-read the book.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Had some issues with the placement of the magnets in the shoulder where the arm connects.  It reduces the amount I can pose him and makes it look like he is trying to strangle his target.  It's not ruined.  Just odd looking.  I will post pics when I get home. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Templar Army

"The Steelers still win because they deal in punishment the way the foundries used to deal in molten metal and sparks."
I am looking at the Black Templar as my next 40k army to actually build and paint completely.  I want to use it at tournaments but will just initially be focused on make it around the general theme I thought of after talking to Todd (Sincain).

He made a statement, "I'm surprised you didn't make an Imperial Fists army.  That way you could make them black and yellow."

I said I wanted vanilla marines and I like the Vulkan concept army (Melta, Flamers, and Hammers).  But he got me thinking.  Imperial Fists were split into Black Templar and Crimson Fists.  I like the "burn the witch" idea.  Close combat isn't an issue because I'm use to that with my Tyranids and GK for the most part.  Since the book is coming out within the next 6 months I have some time to prepare.  I did help my wife by picking her up my gifts (I love that).  I have an assault squad, one set of the BT conversion pieces and the FineCast Emperor's Champion.

The color scheme as the pics show will be black and yellow.  I want to do a stencil of the US Steel logo for the vehicles.  This will give it the look and feel of my beloved Steelers.  Friends have promised to make an army of purple and black marines to fight them off. I say bring it.  Should be good fun.     

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Magnets!? How do they work?

Friggin Magnets, How do they work?  If you came here looking for the answer to that age old question, you are in the wrong place.  If you want to harness the magic power that is magnetism to make your plastic miniatures more versatile, I can help.

I started using magnets about a year ago when I was complaining that my gargoyles were a pain to move because they kept falling off the stands.  Todd (Sincain) suggested magnets.  He used them for his marines' backpacks.  I tried it and it was like a friggin miracle.

My goal was to take my Slayer from the Cryx Battle Box and add magnets to make it usable for Slayer and Malice.  Unfortunately,  Malice looks like it will modify it too muck to make it useful but I decided to keep adding magnets. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Secret Weapon Objective Marker

Spent 10 minutes airbrushing and dry brushing it

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself

Review: Battle Foam Privateer Press Warmachine Bag

Well my new Battle Foam bag arrived after three weeks and I couldn't wait to get it open.  I ordered the Privateer Press Warmachine bag with the pluck foam during Battle Foam's Black Friday sale. 

The first thing I noticed is the hard shell immediately made me take notice.  Unlike my Army Transport and my Portable Warfare Bags, you could see the difference.  But was it worth the initial cost of $130 plus shipping?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Warmachine/Horde: Upgrading to 50

I am looking to upgrade to 50pt armies for tournaments.  Being new to Warmachine, I solicited help from the group (Beltway Gamers) I have been playing with on Wednesdays.  Here is what one of their Press Gangers (Nate) said:

Generally in every list I like to have at least one answer to the following:
-Something to deal with high armor (AP, spell)
-Something to deal with mass infantry (some sort of AOE)
-Something to deal with high defense (combined melee attack, spell)
-Something to deal with stealth (spell, spray)
-Something to pick off solos (long range weapon, solo hunter)
-Something to deal with incorporeal targets (magic attacks)
-Something to deal with difficult terrain (piper, spell)

Can't always have something for everything, but good to keep these things in mind. Also, the other question is whether you want a list for just caster kill or a list for tournament scenarios, as I build differently depending upon the case.
 I wanted to share this because it is the perfect "how to".  It is easy to help me with my Khador list but you can only go so far and what happens when I am playing at NovaCon in a scenario that doesn't favor Caster kills?

This you a decent idea of what your army should have and what your holes are when you are done. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Secret Weapon Bases

I received my shipment(s) of Secret Weapon Bases.  One order from The War Store and one from Secret Weapon. The reason why I ordered from two vendors is The War Store had a sale on Black Friday but after purchasing the skull bases I realized that pGaspy is a medium base.  That led me to order direct from Secret Weapon.

I can say the experience of ordering from both was a pleasure.  PayPal managed to mess up my purchase (double bill me) but Secret Weapon was fast to notify me before I even emailed them.  I mean in minutes of the order.  Secret Weapons shipping was cheap and fast.

The War Store was free of the PayPal issues and the shipping was competitively priced and fast. 

Now on to the bases...

Sunday, December 04, 2011

WIP: eSorscha

I haven't been able to get much work done this weekend.  Too many things happening (although I got a game of 40k in). 

I sat down this evening and worked on eSorscha.  She has been a pain in the ass.  I hate dealing with metal and I have had the worse time with her.  To many things have went wrong to say I have enjoyed painting here.  I have hated every step of the way. 

I will probably not post a picture of her.  She is just too broken for my taste.  After the success I have had with Beast-09 and Spriggan, I had hoped she would have been a better memory. 

Friday, December 02, 2011

New eVlad

Here is the PP Insider Article detailing the Legendary Vlad or Epic Epic Vlad.
This popped up on the Warmachine MD group mailing list.  Looks cool.

Secret Weapon Miniatures

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Secret Weapon Miniatures and especially Justin "misterjustin" McCoy.  I ordered a few of the 40MM "Bone Yard" round lip bases and paid via PayPal.  Some how it showed I ordered two different orders.  I checked PayPal and they only charged me once.  I was done with this.  Justin actually sent an email apologizing for the mistake and explaining that I would only be charged for one.

I was expecting not to hear from anyone and to have a company actually take a few seconds to let the customer know that the status of an hiccup in the system was pretty cool.  I thought customer service was dead.

I haven't looked at the other bases I received from them when War Store had their sale but I'll post something this weekend.

NOVA 2012

NOVA 2012 is Labor Day weekend this year.  I am planning to attend and play in the Warmachine/Hordes Tournament.  They will be having Infinity this year.  Also their after-hours "Nighthammer" event looks promising.  I might have to bring my 40k army just to play that. 

They only have convention and GT badges up now but more tournament info will be released soon. 

Battle Report: Khador on Khador Violence and Khador gets Knocked out

I went to Dream Wizards on Wednesday for their weekly Warmachine/Hordes league.  Last week was a long lesson in humility.  Dan and his Cygran destroyed me body and soul.  I played two matches on Wednesday.  One versus Wilson and his pVlad Khador army and the other versus Ben and his Legion.  I can't remember the caster because the game was quicker than my first time having sex.

I keep telling myself I will be better with documenting these but I get caught up in the game.  The first match was soundly won by Wilson until he moved Vlad into charging range of Beast-09 and eSorscha still had her feat turn.  I tried to move Eiryss into position to remove Kings and focus from Vlad but his Beserker actually hit her with a free strike and killed her.  Beast-09 charges and manages to do 10 damage to Vlad which is doubled to 20.

Ben's Legion army was much quicker and less pretty.  He basically countered my WGI and blew up in front of them.  Did his feat which prevented melee damage to his beasts and proceeded to rape my army.  It was over in a round and a half.

The one thing I will say is with the exception of the Legion match, you are never out of a game.  There is still the chance for a last chance heroics.  This is the primary reason I think the game is much better from a tournament side.

Edited to fix the horrible grammar and to add clarity.