Saturday, December 24, 2011

WIP: Saxon Orik and Black Templar Project

Here is some pics of my newest WIP, Saxon Orik.

I did most of the coats of white and Thornwood Green.  Some reason the back looks darker then it should.  Going to start adding the metal for his armor and then start clean him up.  I have to prime my Khador UA so I can start with that after this.  Or at least get them based and usable. 

I want to start on the Cryx army since it looks so cool. 

Now the Black Templar project....

The wife purchased a tactical squad, the Emperors Champion,  and the Black Templar customization pieces.  Thom picked up on sale a few items to augment my Ultramarines and for the BT.  Should have a nice setup when the Codex drops next year. 

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