Thursday, December 08, 2011

Warmachine/Horde: Upgrading to 50

I am looking to upgrade to 50pt armies for tournaments.  Being new to Warmachine, I solicited help from the group (Beltway Gamers) I have been playing with on Wednesdays.  Here is what one of their Press Gangers (Nate) said:

Generally in every list I like to have at least one answer to the following:
-Something to deal with high armor (AP, spell)
-Something to deal with mass infantry (some sort of AOE)
-Something to deal with high defense (combined melee attack, spell)
-Something to deal with stealth (spell, spray)
-Something to pick off solos (long range weapon, solo hunter)
-Something to deal with incorporeal targets (magic attacks)
-Something to deal with difficult terrain (piper, spell)

Can't always have something for everything, but good to keep these things in mind. Also, the other question is whether you want a list for just caster kill or a list for tournament scenarios, as I build differently depending upon the case.
 I wanted to share this because it is the perfect "how to".  It is easy to help me with my Khador list but you can only go so far and what happens when I am playing at NovaCon in a scenario that doesn't favor Caster kills?

This you a decent idea of what your army should have and what your holes are when you are done. 

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