Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Secret Weapon Bases

I received my shipment(s) of Secret Weapon Bases.  One order from The War Store and one from Secret Weapon. The reason why I ordered from two vendors is The War Store had a sale on Black Friday but after purchasing the skull bases I realized that pGaspy is a medium base.  That led me to order direct from Secret Weapon.

I can say the experience of ordering from both was a pleasure.  PayPal managed to mess up my purchase (double bill me) but Secret Weapon was fast to notify me before I even emailed them.  I mean in minutes of the order.  Secret Weapons shipping was cheap and fast.

The War Store was free of the PayPal issues and the shipping was competitively priced and fast. 

Now on to the bases...

Large Skull Base

They sent a free objective marker.  These usually cost $10 for 10.  I have to say that it is worth purchasing.

Small Trench Bases

 The bases are great looking.  The only flash appears to be along the bottom edge of the base.  The only issue is the flash.  It is harder to remove then the Dragon Forge bases. 

Since we are comparing the two bases (Dragon Forge and Secret Weapons), The design of the Secret weapon bases are great.  They look a lot better and have a greater variety for each set. 

The one personal dislike of the design is a few look like they were designed to use the Secret Weapon water effects.  This isn't a horrible problem.  It is just something I don't like. 

I say I give the bases 5 out of 5.  The dislikes are personal taste and not an actual issue.  Go and buy some: Secret Weapon

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