Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Battle Foam Privateer Press Warmachine Bag

Well my new Battle Foam bag arrived after three weeks and I couldn't wait to get it open.  I ordered the Privateer Press Warmachine bag with the pluck foam during Battle Foam's Black Friday sale. 

The first thing I noticed is the hard shell immediately made me take notice.  Unlike my Army Transport and my Portable Warfare Bags, you could see the difference.  But was it worth the initial cost of $130 plus shipping?

I have to say the construction is pretty good with a few exceptions.  The stitching on the Warmachine logo is frayed in some spots (pics below).  Not enough to make me take it back.

The space for books and cards are really nice.  They have more than enough spots to put everything you could possibly need in the bag.  You have spots for tokens, mini rulebooks and all of the cards.
The foam was more than I expected.  It was the pluck foam and I was on the fence about getting the pre-cut foam or the pluck.  I think I made the right choice since I easily fit my 35pt Khador Army without using a full try worth of space. 

The main issue I have with the bag is that I wish I would have picked up the 720 for my 40k army. 

I made fun of Todd (SinCain) for spending the money on his. The quality is all that.  I am actually sold on it.  The amount of detail that is done to make this perfect for Warmachine and Hordes makes this the bag to own. 

Beast 09 and Spriggan.  Spriggan takes up more space than he should.


  1. Nice looking bag. If it keeps the heads and limbs on the guys you spent hours working on, I'd say it's worth it! I forgot to tell you after our last match I came home and put my army up on the island in the kitchen. It was sitting on a magazine which slid. CRASH! my whole army smashed on the tile floor! I just stood there in disbelief for 5minutes before picking up the carnage. Luckily I was able to glue it all back together. Shoulda had a bag!!

  2. I told you to get a bag. BLUFoam trays are pretty good and cheap. You can get them from miniature market for a little of $50 with most of the foam. I liked the Portable Warfare bag but since getting this one it will be regulated to transporting my SM army until I can replace it with the Pack 720 or Pack Air bag from Battle Foam.