Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Templar Army

"The Steelers still win because they deal in punishment the way the foundries used to deal in molten metal and sparks."
I am looking at the Black Templar as my next 40k army to actually build and paint completely.  I want to use it at tournaments but will just initially be focused on make it around the general theme I thought of after talking to Todd (Sincain).

He made a statement, "I'm surprised you didn't make an Imperial Fists army.  That way you could make them black and yellow."

I said I wanted vanilla marines and I like the Vulkan concept army (Melta, Flamers, and Hammers).  But he got me thinking.  Imperial Fists were split into Black Templar and Crimson Fists.  I like the "burn the witch" idea.  Close combat isn't an issue because I'm use to that with my Tyranids and GK for the most part.  Since the book is coming out within the next 6 months I have some time to prepare.  I did help my wife by picking her up my gifts (I love that).  I have an assault squad, one set of the BT conversion pieces and the FineCast Emperor's Champion.

The color scheme as the pics show will be black and yellow.  I want to do a stencil of the US Steel logo for the vehicles.  This will give it the look and feel of my beloved Steelers.  Friends have promised to make an army of purple and black marines to fight them off. I say bring it.  Should be good fun.     

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