Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beltway Gamers Holiday Party

Made it out last night to the Beltway Gamers/Dream Wizards Holiday Party.  I wish I would have asked for off today.  I didn't stay later then I normally do because I had to work but I think it would have been fun to play all the board games and maybe get a few more WM games in. 

I did manage to get another game against Dan and his Cygnar.  We both messed up on the rules and a few Press Gangers later corrected us but the damage was done.  The game was fun and much better than my first outing.

It started and played like the first game.  He went through and was destroying my Winterguard Infantry without much recourse.  I have to say I have not played them very well.  He then proceeded to attack Beast-09 and Spriggan while moving closer with Haley.  By round four, everything was engaged, dead or avoiding combat.  I popped eSorscha's feat and started wrecking shop.  Holt got a lucky shot and almost boxed Haley but left her with one point.  Dan's turn was next and he launched everything at Sorscha and just managed to drop her.

It was a fun match and I love the fact that your never really gone in the game.  I made some mistakes (like not using the War Dog's free charge) but was happy with the play.  Getting the rules down is a big thing.  Forgetting some of the effects rules.  I really need to re-read the book.

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