Friday, December 02, 2011

Battle Report: Khador on Khador Violence and Khador gets Knocked out

I went to Dream Wizards on Wednesday for their weekly Warmachine/Hordes league.  Last week was a long lesson in humility.  Dan and his Cygran destroyed me body and soul.  I played two matches on Wednesday.  One versus Wilson and his pVlad Khador army and the other versus Ben and his Legion.  I can't remember the caster because the game was quicker than my first time having sex.

I keep telling myself I will be better with documenting these but I get caught up in the game.  The first match was soundly won by Wilson until he moved Vlad into charging range of Beast-09 and eSorscha still had her feat turn.  I tried to move Eiryss into position to remove Kings and focus from Vlad but his Beserker actually hit her with a free strike and killed her.  Beast-09 charges and manages to do 10 damage to Vlad which is doubled to 20.

Ben's Legion army was much quicker and less pretty.  He basically countered my WGI and blew up in front of them.  Did his feat which prevented melee damage to his beasts and proceeded to rape my army.  It was over in a round and a half.

The one thing I will say is with the exception of the Legion match, you are never out of a game.  There is still the chance for a last chance heroics.  This is the primary reason I think the game is much better from a tournament side.

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  1. Bodiless9:20 AM

    The result from the game against my Legion has to be taken with a lot of salt though. We didn't go over my list before starting play, so you only found out what my list could do as it was happening. That is a rough position to be in against any list, and Legion generally lands such a hard punch that there isn't much chance to recover. Plus, Legion really does play very differently from the other armies - you almost have to learn to play against everyone+Legion.

    I'd love to a get a rematch sometime where we have time to slow the game down so you know what the threats in my army are and can play accordingly. For example, just knowing I had access to a 5" AoE that did not require a to hit roll would have saved a big chunk of your WGI.

  2. True but it was a devastating loss none the less. Part of the fun is actually seeing what the other armies can do.

    Legion is pretty cool. Turn two followed your outline:

    Round 1 - Run forward
    Round 2 - Eat faces

  3. Bodiless9:51 AM

    My guys certainly did not go home hungry, true. ;)

    I'm just saying that going up against any list mostly blind is going to make for an uphill slog, and going up against Legion that way is probably as bad as it gets (although Cryx is right up there).

  4. I am reading up on Cryx now. They seem like they will be really fun. Plus, I love their models.

  5. I'm really looking forward to getting mine on the table. :) Probably after the league ends I'll retire my Legion for a bit and come to the Warmachine side for a while