Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Necrons and Foodmachine

This will be my third attempt to post. For some reason, Blogger does not like the iPads browser so I am try the iPhone app. Let's see if this works.

I picked up the Necron Codex to read while I am stuck at this conference. The area I am at isn't known for its night life (or any life). I will be writing a few small threat assessments to post here and the Beltway Gamers site. We will see how they turn out.

This Sunday is the Foodmachine Warmachine/Hordes charity event at Games and Stuff where you can purchase cheats for donations. I will try to have my guys based this weekend and try to have the wife let me go but I won't push it since I am signed up for the Dream Wizards League. Should be fun times.

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