Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Battle Plan

They say no plan survives first contact with the enemy.  My first Warmachine match proved that.  Nate took a Cygnar heavily armored Warcaster (sorry the name escapes me).  He controlled the match and if it wasn't for luck, his help and an act of desperation I would have lost. 

Fast forward to week 2. I was man handled and stomped into the dirt.  I learned a lot and have retooled the army because of this (I still need to buy the replacement pieces).  The game was fun but is too fast to not adapt and switch your gameplan when it isn't working.   

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I am getting ready to field the same army at Dream Wizards I lost with last week tonight and take on all comers.  The major change is sticking with the armies strengths.  That isn't to say I won't have a plan.  The plan just needs to be simple and open.

The plan is to work the Winterguard into position to destroy a caster. The Warjacks will support and take objectives.  I will wait for a silly Jack to get close and combine fire on it with the Winterguard. If I can double time and make it into range of the target, I will pop eSorscha's feat and then have H&A boost the damage with Joe.  It should be enough to drop a Warcaster.  If it is a Warlock, when he transfers the damage it should drop that beast. 

It would be better if I didn't field the Mechaniks but that is the army I have this second.  It should work or be fun to play.

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