Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Badger Renegade Velocity: Unboxing

My new airbrush arrived.  Below is the unboxing:

I have to say the box itself is worth the price of admission.  Inside you have the good stuff.

That isn't a crack vile in the upper right.  It's a nozzle and an adapter for IWATA hoses.  They are the most common.

Here is the money maker.  After using it, I can say it was well worth the price.  It is heavy but paint flows nice and it feels natural in your hand.


  1. So, its been a couple of months: How do you like it. I'm not sure if I want the Renegade series, there were three now there are 4 to choose from, or the Badger 360.

    Post a review dude!

  2. It has been great and I worth the purchase. I'll work up a real review and post in a few days. Thanks!