Thursday, October 20, 2011


Played my first official game of Warmachine last night.  Went like this:

  • Opponent moves guys forward and casts spells

  • I move guys forward and casts spells

  • He shoots and messes up a bunch of guys

  • I charge a guy and ding his armor

  • He charges and messes up some more guys

  • My caster charges his caster and unloads hell while my Warjack fires and kills him

  • FIN
Overly simplified and more fun then it sounded.  I think Todd was perplexed that it ended with a duel while my guys getting their arses handed to them. His Warcaster could take a friggin pounding.  When he pulled out Cygnar troops I was expecting all range.  Didn’t expect a Warcaster that can take hits like a Warjack.

My opponent (Nate) kicked ass though and explained a lot about troop placement (which differs greatly from 40k).

While I think 40k is still my favorite, the idea of being able to play multiple games in an evening rocks.  This is esspecially true since the 40k and Warmachine players from Beltway Gamers all play during the week.

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