Friday, October 14, 2011


Since I decided to start Warmachine/Hordes, I have been thoroughly impressed with the game.  I decided to go with the Two-player box set. It comes with two armies, Protectorate of Menoth (religious zealots) and the Khador (Russians with big Warmachines and lots of troops).  My original first choice for an army was the Cryx (undead type) but I decided I like the colors black and red.  Khador would be my choice.

I bought the large book core rules while I waited on my box set and Khador rules.  Reading through it was like it took every problem with 40k and made a rule to address that problem.  Cover?  Fixed.  Models being modified to exploit the broken cover system?  Fixed.  What happens to those AOE attacks that don’t have the range to reach an opponent and disappear? Yeah…fixed. It appears to be a balanced game that has a company that encourages the community.

When my set arrived, I quickly read the Khador forces book.  The entire time I read it I heard Sisters of Mercy Floodland or the Red Alert 2 soundtrack playing in my head.  I loved the theme and haven’t regretted resisting the allure of the death god. 

The game itself is a combination of 40k and Magic: The Gathering (M:tG).  You have the basic strategy and the miniature side of 40k but you have the meta of magic.  You build an army much like you would build a deck in M:tG.  Each combination of units allow for combinations that can win you or lose you the game.  The rules are simple and straight forward but the trick is in the meta.  You though in all this and add a resource management function to add to the depth. 

I haven’t played a full game yet.  Possibly next week but I have watched a few.  Watching a game is different than watching 40k.  The thing you need to do is watch why a player put an army together.  What trick can it do?  What are the gotchas.

One other thing you can see is that the scenarios are designed to encourage combat.  Holding an objective for a round could win you the game in the second round if it wasn’t contested.  You could also win by assassination.  Yep…if you kill the HQ (or Warcaster/Warlock) the game ends.  So no dancing for two hours then zerg rushing the objectives. This is a quick paced game that rewards the bold. 

I should have my two 35 point armies purchased and built next month. I’ll let you know how they fair and if my love for the game is true. 

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