Friday, October 28, 2011

Games Workshop: Necrons Return - The Dilemma

GW has finally confirmed what we all have known for a while now: The Necrons are the next codex.  A few weeks ago I was set to sell my remaining Necrons and buy something else.  Either finish my GK army or replace some pieces on my DE army. 

Then I realize a have a mess of Necrons.  Not a huge amount.  Totaled I have 32 warriors, 3 Destroyers, a heavy Destroyer, Destroyer Lord and a Nightbringer.  Then I see the possibility.  "I should go ahead and finish the army."

My ADHD doesn't help.  The new shiny has arrived to take my attention away from my current project (putting together my 35+ point Khador army).  The desire to have the new shiny begins to creep in.  Part of this is to actually make an army from start to finish that is WYSIWYG and tournament ready. 

This is where the dilemma begins as well.  I want to start doing competitive play.  Do I want to build several WarmaHorde armies to compete in those events or do I want to have a competitive army for 40k? 

I can finish my Khador army and be comfortable with the fact I have one 35pt Khador army that just needs paint.  My DE army needs about a $100 or so worth of parts (using Miniature Market prices) but I think this is more of a beer and pretzel army right now.  I like it but not enough to run a tournament.  My GK lists have been fun and competitive BUT to make a tournament army I need to spend a lot to get the pieces and have them kitted right.  I can finish my Necron army for about the same or less.

First world problems...

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