Friday, September 30, 2011

Models and Stuff

Did some more work on the Razorwing the past few nights (I will post the pics soon).  Finished up the gems with the exception of the gloss varnish.  Gonna buy some this weekend.  They look good for a first attempt.  I have a few issues with the run off from the paint.  I’ll take care of that by making those areas where the chip details go.  To paraphrase the late great Bob Ross, “I only have happy little mistakes.”

I ordered the Warmachine box set.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the two armies included but after reading up on them I have been rather happy with their back stories and figures.  If they actually release the box set, I should have plenty to play with.  I will probably have the midgets start to learn this since they want to get involved in painting figures and the models are cheap enough I can pick one or two up for them to build and paint. 

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