Wednesday, September 07, 2011

First 40k Tournament in two weeks

So I decided to actually compete in my first 40k tournament.  Inner Circle Gaming Club is running the Battle of Blobs Park.  Blobs park is a real park in Jessup.  It is being held at a beer garden and they will be serving beer (and it is BYOB).  I can get my arse whipped and use I have been drinking as an excuse.  I cannot wait. 

I have decided to play my Dark Eldar.  I liked the way they played and feel I realized my mistakes from Jason’s game.  I am currently painting the primed miniatures I got from Wotton of the Beltway Gamers.  Not too happy with the colors.  At least the guy who painted them for Wotton did a bang up job.  I can live with crappy colors. 

Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and I can prime the other models and pick up an extra box of Wracks on Friday.  

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