Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Ultramarine Blue is really Space Wolves Blue

As I get my army together to move it upstairs to play Thom and his Eldar in the Hurricane battle of ‘11, I notice that my razorback sitting next to my drop pod are two different colors.  The drop pod is dark and looks like it’s ultramarine blue.  The razorback is the grayish blue that is associated with the Space Wolves.  I used the new Ultramarine Blue Army Painter primer and the color is not very Ultramarine. 

For a few minutes I thought i would just eat the cost and then buy the Regal Blue primer.  Then it hit me.  All I have left is my razorbacks and tactical squads.  Paint them as is and then later decide if I want to build a Space Wolves army.  After I finish the other armies that are half done. 

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