Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heresy Online: Warhammer 40k Predictions

Heresy Online: Warhammer 40k Predictions

Heresy Online has some predictions for 6th edition which is due out about a year from now (beginning of August). Looking at the posters list it seems far fetched to say the least. 

  • A book for each of the Chaos gods.  While not impossible (they have one for most SM chapters), it is unlikely.  

  • A primarch.  This isn’t gonna happen.

  • Blood bowl with arena.  Not likely.

  • 2 new races.  Another not likely one.  God help us if they do.  More Codex creep.

  • One of two Forge World models being dropped to the normal GW line.  Either the Thunderhawk or Warhound.  I wish this would happen.

While these are nice, I think this is someone just trying to get some attention.  I guess it worked. 

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