Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zelda: OOT

I picked up Zelda:OOT as a Father’s day gift for myself. I have to say I am impressed but the game flow sucks. I was trying to remember what I hated about the original and it was the way the game flows.

As far as ports go, this is one of the best I have seen. The graphics are great and the interface is nice. The one issue I have is the 3D gives me a headache. I have played other 3D games (Ghost Reacon and the free ones) and haven’t have an issue but this one is bad on the brainpan. The video is what really messes with me but the game is really playable.

When I bought it, I did have a class A nerd interaction. A guy comes in and looks past the women in front of me to see if there was a line and there was. He gets behind me and says, “excuse me sir.” I look at him and he points to the Zelda post and asks, “are you here for this?” I answer affirmative.

He then says, “Me too. I am going to beat it so hard.” He says it in such a way that I was almost like he was going to commit so many horrid and unmentionable things to his game and 3DS.

The few times I picked up Pokemon games, I haven’t had this type of interaction.

I have to say the game is great and should be picked up.

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