Sunday, June 14, 2015

Road to NOVA: Get to the Med Bay STAT!!

Been busy getting things cut for NOVA but wanted to post a few pics of some WIPs.  Can't say much more right now but the big unveil will be before NOVA at GnS and maybe DW if I have time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Road to NOVA: I4 Invasion (Aftermath) NOW W/ PICS!!!

I started off on a high note and then came crashing down. I started the event 2-0 (13 points) but I ended up 2-2 (17pts).  I should have been 3-1 but my last round opponent was patient where I was not. More on that later.

The event was run great and a lot of fun.  My opponents were great.  The TO's were great.  Prize support was awesome.

First game, Cold Sleep v. Nomads - I won initiative and made my opponent deploy first in a wooded area.  This was a knock down, drag out fight.  My opponent was from Kentucky and started playing at last GenCon.  He has vanilla Nomads and knew how to use them.  Despite him being aggressive with some nice shots and my poor saves.  I came out to an early lead.  By the start of turn two I had more packs and owned a console (but didn't pass my WIP yet).

He sent a MA3 guy (can't remember what guy) to deny my console and prevent me from chancing a WIP roll.  I ran The Anathematics to back up my Kurgat and it was a waste.  I basically was locked down with a lot of points wasted.  I made a final run to capture the other console.  Unfortunately, time was called during the start of my turn.

Normally, I have just kept going but the TO was right their and said finish this roll.  I knocked his guy of the console but couldn't spend an order to control or capture.  WIN 7-2 (could have been 9-1).

Second game, Supremacy v. Aleph. - I won the roll and let my opponent deploy first.  I forgot to make him lose two orders and boy that would have helped the first turn.  His name was Ambrose and was a local.  He dropped his Netrod next to a console and pushed Ajax up close.  I pushed forward into my two quadrants and then decided to take out Ajax.  I used my Fraacta coming in on the board edge.  She got sooo lucky.  First two shots on Ajax were wounds and he was in NWI.  I also hit the Netrod.  The Netrod was made of some new metal that made it invulnerable.  It lasted to the end of the game.

I got a little greedy and it cost me a round of control.  He took advantage of that and took two quads.  WIN 6-2.

Third game, Transmission Matrix v, Tohaa - Nice game.   Unfortunately, I lost the sniper battle.  His viral sniper scored a hit and I fail both rolls.  Dead Maakep.  I also should have been more aggressive with my Skiavoros.  We both held the towers in our DZ but he was able to sneak a Makaul up there and keep it for two turns.  My Noctifier ML was great up until he was killed.  Earned his points back and then some.

I really wished I would have played Jeff on this mission prior to list submissions.  Having multiple Fraacta or even Fraacta and Ko Dali would have helped.  Loss 7-2

Last mission (Nimbus Zone v. Caledonian) - This was the game that I blew in the last round.  I had a great first turn.  My Preta actually made it into my opponent's DZ and then locked down his link and LT.  I made two critical errors.  The first was thinking I could have a different specialist take from a console that I already owned.  The second was  not capping the Nimbus antenna because I thought disconnecting was the same as destroying.  Not a good game and one I want to forget.  Loss 9-1.

In the end, I started out hot and ended luke warm,  I really need to play much better but I am really liking CA.  Out of all of my armies, they seem the best for my play style.

More PICS!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Road to NOVA: It all starts with the I4 Invasion

The "Dire States: I4 Invasion", Saturday, will be my first recorded ITS 2015 event.  GnS has been slow to get the required codes to have their events recorded officially so this will be my first to get my rank.  My Combine Army is with me in Florida to help represent my store, GnS, and state, MD.  The list of notables from the 2014 season attending this event is pretty impressive.  Many of the top 10 in the US will be in attendance.  Looks like a very tough field.  Little old meal will be fighting against 31 other opponents for mid-table obscurity.

The missions are as follows:

Cold Sleep
Transmission Matrix
Nimbus Zone

I have been getting a lot of practice with Cold Sleep and Transmission Matrix.  I am 1-1 in that mission.  The issue is that my last try at it was against Jeff and his Yu Jing.  It showed a few glaring weaknesses in the list.  I showed have added Ko Dali and possibly another Fraacta but it's too late to make that change.  Lists are in and now I am stuck with what I have.

I have worked on getting everything painted.  The goal of getting everything painted by I4 failed. Not a miserable failure but one nonetheless.  I have a lot of models mostly painted.  Just not enough.  Next goal, fully painted by Gencon.  Very good chance.

While I am working on that I also need to work on getting my new table cut and painted.  A lot of plans.  I will actually say that I will work to have that done by NOVA over having my army painted.  The idea is a glorious one and very ambitious.  It's a PanO TAG factory.  I have been working on the idea with the guys from GnS.  A lot of good ideas and I want to make sure I capture it.  I want to keep it a mystery but will show a few items.  The items below are for the center objective room (Armory).  Todd and I bounced some ideas on what to do.  I wanted the weapon lockers and he gave the idea with weapons suspended (second pic).  I think they came out well for prototypes.  

     The plan to launch our Kickstarter is in full gear.  The table will show what we can do.  We have been working on a lot of cool things.  I am actually using most of my own items for the I4.  Made a new insert for my troop tray and replaced my tokens with some prototypes.  Not happy with all of the prototypes (spacing issues).  I also didn't make my own camo markers.  I need to make them and some mine markers.

I also have to thank my wife who sacrificed a carry on for my troop tray.

I will post as much as possible from the event.  I promise....

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Road to NOVA: Time is of the Essence

I have been very busy of late.  Too busy it would seem to even update my blog but that's another issue.  The Dire States: I4 Invasion is about 3 weeks away.  I have a few lists I am going to try out but I also need to get the lists painted.  Not a lot of work in such a short time but still pushing the envelope.  Tested both lists and they did well.  No tweaks yet but I plan on having more attempts this Thursday.

Next of course I have to prepare for GenCon and the big end of year blowout that is NOVA.  The thing is I am trying to go ahead and get a new table designed, cut, built and painted by then.  That is really not a lot of time.  More so with work heating up and the wife wanting to get the house patched up.

This gets even crazier since I have been actually having people wanting more of my laser cutting work.  Not enough to call it a business yet but maybe by NOVA.  Like us on Facebook to see what we are up to (

Below are a few things I started working up with the laser cutter for I4 and a few other people.

Work for the Dream Wizards Game of Thrones CCG Regionals.  Power tokens for the swag bags.  Not too late to fight for the Iron Throne:

Started doing custom templates for the I4 Invasion:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: Swift Brush Studios

I won the $50 GC from the Baltimore Brawl and decided to use it to get my Cutter painted.  I love to paint but figured PanO was just going to be for my Step-Brother to use.  I dropped it off about a month ago and last weekend he sent me photos of the completed product.

This is the highest level he offers and I think he did a bang up job and looks very close to the pic he sent as a sample for the colors.

My problem now is I have to paint the rest of the guys to look like him.  Todd actually asked if I was going to have him paint the rest.  I told him I have thought about it and will consider it as I put everything together for this army.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the studio.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Infinity: 300 (non-ITS) at Titan Games

Titan is having their second event for Infinity this time is a 300 point non-ITS event.  Mission scenarios are Annihilation,  Supremacy and The Armory.  I brought two fun lists for the event since it's not an ITS event and the missions are pretty straight forward.  There are a lot of new people playing at Titan so I thought hard about what lists I was going to play.

I took two lists (I think these are close since I don't have my iPad with me):
List 1 (Used in Annihilation and The Armory)
AVATAR Lieutenant 3.5 137
MORAT Hacker 0.5 22
FRAACTA Hacker 0.5 35
 Gaki 0 4

List 2 - (I think this was it)

CHARONTID Lieutenant 0 78
UMBRA LEGATE Hacker 0.5 43
UNIDRON Sniper 1.5 24
FRAACTA Hacker 0.5 35
Q-DRONE Plasma 1 25
DATURAZI Chain 0 14

Round 1 - Annihilation versus Nomads - Win 10-0
I go first and keep the Avatar and Killer in reserve.  One Imetron goes off the board and he shot the Gaki.  First order is to move the Killer into CC with the Gecko while saving a flamer shot and another order to actually have him fail his save.  Avatar moves up and loses ODD to a flamer but make a friend.  I proceed to make lots of friends.

Round 2- Supremacy versus Ariadna - Loss 0-10
I lose WIP roll but my opponent chooses deployment and takes the more advantageous position.  I go first.  Charontid moves up and reveals two markers and takes a flamer to the face.  I fail my saves with a 1, 1, 5.  The game would play out with me failing almost all saves.

Round 3 - The Armory versus PanO NeoTerra- Win 8-2
I lose initiative and my opponent chooses first turn.  I pick the side and let him deploy first.  He lines up his link team and I put my Killer there.  She ARO's his first move and doesn't kill a single model and fails all three saves.  He uses a specialist to open the doors and lines up three of his 5 man team in front of the door closest to me.  Avatar takes out his missile launcher and then proceeds to sepsitorize the tree in a line.  They kill one of the link team members and Avatar kills the other.  The game basically had me controlling the center easily in rounds 1 and 2.  Round three I had to run a Ikadron into the room.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Infinity: Tournament at Games & Stuff 2/28 Prep

I have been preparing my lists for the tournament this Saturday and have settled on two that I wouldn't normally pick.  Mainly because they go against a lot of my play style.  I have been trying to adjust my play style to be more reliant on adjusting for the mission and keeping things fresh.  Of course there are some standards to my lists but I really think I needed to juggle some things.

The missions for the event are Armory, Supremacy, and Nimbus Zone in that order.  I am not too happy with the mission choices mainly because I don't think they are truly balanced for tournaments.  I think they are close and that these are the best available but there are some balance issues.

I had a game last night doing Supremacy against Len (MRRF).  I tested out a few pieces.  The list is below:

MORAT Hacker

Aspects performed well (Umbra Legate made a billion saves) but Len plays tough and managed to inflict some heavy casualties due to my poor deployment strategy.  I am glad it was at this time and not at the event.

I finished up my lists based on the game and a few other factors.  I think they are both fun and should give my opponent some things to deal with.