Monday, February 08, 2016

Kickstarter Released

We'll we finally released our Kickstarter.  The URL is here.  Go and check it out!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Terrain News

Been really busy on working on the business (Black Maria Designs) and we are prepping for a release of our new lines designed to play with Malifaux.  Here is a link to the blog post.  Give it a look and I promise to keep everyone up to date (

Todd started cutting the "Boom Town" line.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of NIGH!! Bye-Bye 2015!

2015 has been a great year.  I can say that it has been one of the best I can remember.  I look back at certain things and think how far I have come.  It's been a pretty wild ride I must say. Let's have a brief look at the year that was.

NOVA 2015:

The picture at the top and the one immediately below this really sum up my year.  NOVA 2014 I had to leave earlier than planned and missed my chance to actually win best terrain.  I swore that this wouldn't happen for 2015 and I was lucky it didn't.  Looking at the tables, competition was tough. Team "Wilson/Mike" almost kicked my butt with their excellent city terrain.  Warsenal even made a showing but I managed to snag it.  Regardless, I won when Gutier (Interruptor) from CB stopped me to talk about my table and ask me questions.  He loved the theme and was the highlight of my event.

I also didn't end up to bad gaming wise.  Second place in the Friday ITS (lost on VP to Plebian. Who is 1st in the US and 2nd in the world) and most kills in the Hunger Games matches.  Team EI (teamed with Wilson) won 1st in Fire Teams.  More over I met a lot of great people and had a blast.

One of the best matches was after a horrible loss to a very cool JSA player (I forgot his name).  I was playing CA and pulled another CA player.  He won LT and choose deployment.  He had me deploy first and says with a smile, "I have Strategos Level 3."  I asked him how many matches did he win.  He was 3-0.  I said it will be my pleasure being his first loss.

After he deployed, I placed my one model for Strategos Level 2 (a Speculo Killer) in line with a group of models.  Suicide run netted him a loss of 3 orders.  I spent an order to make sure I controlled the center antennae.  The remaining orders was to run my Ikadon up the flank to flame the Avatar and 3 more orders.  I dropped two of the three but the Avatar dodged.  In the end, I pulled a great win but screwed up with my Dr. Worm and cost me the tournament.  Great time though.  I would play him later and he played the waiting game and snatched victory from me in the final round on a hail mary that was great.


My ranking actually toppled from last year.  I blame the Baltimore Brawl.  Going 1-3 has an impact. A bad impact.  I went from 43 to 325.  That's the issue with a system that expects you to finish in the top half after a string of good victories.  I had one first place at GnS to add to my belt.  Got 2nd place in the GenCon Infinity with my only loss coming from Plebian and it was a 3-4 loss.

I would say the meta in the Baltimore/Washington area is one of the toughest.  If you win a match 4-3 it's a major win.  Points are difficult to obtain and people really are on top of their game.  Part of the reason I like NOVA and GenCon.  It seems like your tricks are new and you have played so many people you know armies pretty well.  

I met a lot of people and really have been enjoying the community.  I went to the I4, GenCon and NOVA.  A few other smaller tournaments and only one bad time.

I played CA all year with the exception of recently.  It has been my tournament army and I love them.  I do think I will be doing what I saw a few of the others doing at NOVA.  Playing a different army each event.  Probably keep CA (in some form) in the mix but will have my Tohaa, Ariadna, and Nomads/Corregidor make regular rotations.  Mainly to keep people guessing at the store and to have more variety.

I will also be running a campaign event at NOVA this year.  More on that as it comes available.


I traded models and bought new ones.  I actually traded them to get my Step-Brother an army to play but he hasn't been available and I built it up.  I haven't played at all this year.  I plan to fix that and it to the mix of games.


I played at GenCon and like the game.  I just can't find time to play as much as I like.  Really sad.


Started picking up the models.  I hope I get to play it soon.

Black Maria Designs (plug :

This was the big news of 2015.  I am a business owner with the troubles and joys of business ownership.  I partnered with Todd Sherman (SincaiN40k) just before NOVA and we purchased a laser.  It is going slow as we ramp up our items.  We are prepping a Kickstarter project for Malifaux terrain with a low goal.  Mainly looking at more supplies to move things forward.

I bought us a 3d printer and we are really making strides.   I think by NOVA (which is about our 1 year anniversary) we will be in a good place.

Looking Forward:

I am excited about what 2016 holds for us.  Most of my hobby time has been devoted to Black Maria Designs.  I have been trying to eek out time since it benefits both.

I really need to keep my ranking higher in ITS.  :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Infinity N00b: G: Synchronized and Coordinated Order

I know it's been a while but here is some rules that came up in my last game I played.

I played Matt and his Tohaa.  I haven't played Matt for a long time.  It was so long, he was playing Morats and I was playing Ariadna.  Not an optimized list but a list that was made to play Wilson a week earlier.  Two things came up I wanted to post about.

G: Synchronized - Do you need to be withing 8"?
My antipode wasn't next to the Devil Dog.  Matt was wondering if you had to be withing 8".  No, you don't.  That simple.  Nothing in the rules I could find said you had to be within any distance.

Regnirok - from the comment (love the internet).

NOTE: It isn't in BRB but is in either HS or Campaign: Paradiso (I don't have electronic versions of those) but the wiki has it.  Should have looked there.  Keep forgetting.

While I can't get you a page number, this is from the official Wiki(which is copy/paste from the rulebook) on the Ghost: Synchronized page:

"The Remote must be always inside the Zone of Control of its Controller. The Synchronized Remote always disconnects automatically when is out of the Zone of Control, or if the Controller falls Unconscious or Dead. A disconnected Remote stands still and cannot receive Orders or perform AROs. An Immobilized (IMM) Marker must be placed beside the base of a disconnected Remote. The Remote connects automatically, without spending any Order or Short Skill, at the end of the Order in which it is once again inside the Zone of Control of its Controller, or at the end of an Order in which the Controller comes back from the Unconscious state."

That is where the 8" range on Synchronized comes from. Now, Ghost: Servant which is almost the same thing(applies to Engineering and Doctor helper remotes like Palbots) has no 8" range restriction on the two models.

Coordinated Order - Can I use an irregular order?
Matt wanted to spend an irregular order to perform a coordinated order.

Pg. 147 BRB - Declare a Coordinated Order, expending a Regular Order from the Order Pool as well. 

That's all I have more later.  I promise.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

All work and no play....

I have neglected this blog the past few months.  NOVA is over and was very successful.  Todd and I are almost ready to debut everything we have been working on for our new adventure.  I have also been pretty good with getting some games in.  I will let this be mostly a pictorial view.

My board was well received and Gutier even talked with me a bit about it and the amount of detail in it.

It was very well received:

Infinity at NOVA was also a big deal.  They beat last year's numbers and plenty of the top 10 ranked ITS where there.  I managed to bring home a few nifty pieces of hardware.  Had some great games and really loved the events.  Hunger Games was great.

Black Maria Designs

Todd and I are almost there with getting everything off the ground.  In fact, this happened today:

More later but really can't wait.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Road to NOVA: T- 4 DAYS

I have been very preoccupied and have let my blog slide.  I am back and I am showing the fruits of my labor.  My PanO TAG Factory is almost done.  Here are some shots and a short video.  Hope you all like it and give it a look at NOVA.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Infinity N00b: Model Placement, G: Mnemonica and Targeting Null

Here are some of the rules that came up in recent matches:

Model Placement

"Unless otherwise agreed upon, troops cannot deploy in a location without enough space to fit their entire base." - Pg 26 BRB

Here is one that annoyed me.  Played many a time and never been an issue until someone brought it up after the match (like 10 minutes after the match).  I asked the TO and he didn't see an issue until the player said that "the rules say".  He was right but TO said every meta is different and it should have been brought up earlier.  My opponent was not looking for a change in score but a better explanation to himself why he lost the match.  Heck...I lot the match before this because of the same rule.

I would say that you meed to discuss how flat edges should be discussed prior to picking deployment. If I was the TO and you did this AFTER deployment, I would agree the rule exists but say it's too late.

G: Mnemonica

This caused two issues Saturday at GenCon.  Neither changed the outcome of a match and neither would have resulted in a change ranking at the end.  I was right on both of them for once.

"If the host falls Unconscious, the original user’s WIP, G:Mnemonica and Lieutenant Special Skill may be transferred again to another ally who fulfills the same requirements (Cube...).This transfer makes the host go from Unconscious to Dead." - Pg 79 BRB

This is one that didn't effect me but my opponent had Scott from NY miss play it.  He realized it when he killed my Avatar and I removed it from the board.  It would have cost him 1 point for Test Run and nothing else.  He would have only beaten me for first by 5 points or so. It had no effect but it was brought up on the forums.

"You must identify the figure or Marker that acts as host, but not whether the Lieutenant Special Skill is transferred—that is Private Information—." - Pg 79 BRB

This happened to my.  Aaron (Plebeian) killed my Skiavoros and I was about to tell him who he was transferring too and he stopped me and said I didn't have to.  He was the TO and insisted on it.  The rule says that I have to tell him but not my LT.  I think he assumed because he knew it was my LT that he shouldn't know.  I think RAW means I tell him.

"The user may transfer his own WIP Attribute, along with the Ghost: Mnemonica Special Skill and the Lieutenant Special Skill (if applicable), to any other trooper in the same army that is on the battlefield in the form of a figure or Marker and has a Cube.

The new WIP replaces the host’s original value- Pg 79 BRB

This is one I forget about. It only screws me not anyone else but I usually run The Anathematic and Skiavoros in the same list.  This says that I can transfer both WIPs because they are both models with G: Mnemonica.  This is important because it can really boost your specialists.

Targeting Null

This something I thought wasn't in the game any more.  It's was very common in N2 where you would FO or data scan an unconscious player.  I swore it was in the book but I couldn't find it in a game and the TO said it was legal.  Came up the next game and my opponent (Jake) thought the same as I did but the TO corrected us.  If anyone knows the page to confirm or disprove this, let me know.