Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big City Lights

My SWM Urban Street tiles arrived and I started getting them ready. Part of getting them ready was to make a new city of my own terrain.  Designed and cut by yours truly.

As I mentioned before, I have a few different designs going around but I was looking for a theme.  I have been doing a lot of trail and error.  I find it easier to progress when I have a theme going.  My normal table is a street part and an amalgamation of several different company's buildings.  The new one being designed by me needed a theme.  I loved the city theme and want to keep that but I really needed something to tie it together.

At the Brawl, George (from G&S) and I were discussing what to do next.  I mentioned the guys wanting a cyber/VR brothel but I was leaning toward a strip club.  As we continued to talk, I decided that a "Red Light" district was the way to go.  Moving forward, I was able to finish my Pho Soup restaurant and most of the strip club.

Below are some more prototyping of the Pho restaurant.  More pics tonight.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Baltimore Brawl: The Aftermath

Saturday was the Baltimore Brawl.  It was the first event of this size in MD and it was well attended.  I think the final numbers were about 30 participants.  Not bad for a start.

I brought my Haqq for a final outing in ITS2014.  I went 2-2 and ended in 13th place not bad considering the competition.

Round 1 was against Mik for Haqq on Haqq violence on Supplies.  Mik won the WIP roll and choose initiative.  I decided to choose deploying first to use Saladin to his fullest.  The match was pretty even.  He took a box and then got killed.  I then took a box and had the lead going into round 3.  Then it fell apart.  I tried to my classified when I loss my box but Mik got me.  My Fiday was useless. LOSS 7-0.

Round 2 was against a very pregnant women named Tiffany on Antenna Field.  She played JSA and the first thing she said was, "I never played Haqq before.".  My Fiday was the all star.  Killing the CoC and part of a link then surviving a ton of AROs and killing her LT and hacker.  The game went south for her pretty fast.  She was loss of LT the entire game and hurting.  She did stop me from getting my classified but couldn't do much. WIN 9-0.

Round 3 was against Ryann and his Nomads for Quad Control.  Game was fun.  I basically had a great start.  I managed to take out 5 orders from his pool and started at 2-0.  Unfortunately, I played too aggressive and should have stayed hunkered down but I didn't and it cost me.  He came back well and took the game in the end.  LOSS 4-3.

Round 4 was against Jeff and his JSA on Seize the Antenna.  He said he was having a bad dice day.  I started off with 2 antennas.  He proceeded to dismantle me on his active phase.  He sent me in retreat.  He looked at me and said, "you in retreat?"  He then smiled and started complaining about breaking his rule.  WIN 6-0.

It was great event.  I managed to get a $50 GC for Swift Brush.  The bad thing about that is I will have a great model or models painted by him next to my suck arse painting. :)

Thanks to Bloodgod for some of the pics.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Will the REAL Saladin please stand up?

I picked up a second Saladin after having the "Hide the Hafza" strategy used on me at GenCon.  I decided to go and paint the second one a red orange.  I tried to make his cloak brown but I really didn't like the look so I went black.

This week also marks the last few days before the Baltimore Brawl at Games & Stuff.  Really excited and decided to day that I wanted to take a fully painted army.  Looking at my lists, I counted 7 models that needed to be finished.  All of the base coating was done on all models and two of them just needed bases.

Looking at what I have left to paint, I have about two hours of work to get them done.  Not bad.  No pics of these since it will actually show the models in the list.  :)

Not wanting to break with my promise of working on my Tohaa, I have managed to get many models done (not the bases) while working on Saladin.  I plan on doing more while I finish up the remaining models I need for the Brawl.

I did break my promise to not buy any more minis until the Tohaa were finished.  I won't go into details but I think the models will be cool to paint.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Burnt Offerings and Bad Juju

While I have been working on some models for an upcoming tournament, I have mostly been working on laser cutting stuff. I went to use the laser last Thursday and I was warned that the filter on the Universal was shot and I may want to try the Epilog.  The problem is their Epilog doesn't engrave and my designs had a lot of engraving.  Plus all my lines are hairline which is what the Epilog uses for cuts.  Which would be bad.I decided to press my luck on the Universal and boy did it go poorly.  I mean really poorly.  I jumped to their Epilog and was able to cut the screen and that worked out.

This Sunday I went early and hit the laser again.  The Universal was setup and ready.  First cuts went well.  Cut the lid for my troop tray.  The new insert was next.   It cut but not all the way through.  I chalked it up to inputting the wrong depth.

Next up was a piece of acrylic.  Every thing is going well until it started cutting.  The application crashes.  Of course it doesn't save your progress.  I also noticed what it did cut didn't go all the way through.  I was able to pop most out but there was a lot of waste.  I fixed a few pieces I needed and cut again and had the same issue.

With still an hour of available time, I went and cut both of my prototype buildings.  Neither cut all the way through despite additional changes.  The larger of the two was salvageable.  The measurements were spot on except for the roof which I failed to account for the increased size of the actual sides.  My bad.  At least I can make a change and then work from there to add details. 

The first image shows the front.  The door or front window didn't cut through.  This will be a restaurant.  I plan on having a large piece of acrylic as the front door and windows.  Need to add details to the building now that the sizes work.   
Restaurant Front
Restaurant Back

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Busy, Busy Little Bee.

I haven't posted much and played very little since NOVA.  Aside from getting my Tohaa started, I haven't done much.  I have only played three games since.  One game with my Haqq which turned out to be the worse display of bad luck I have ever seen.  I played twice with my Tohaa.  One game was with a custom list trying things out.  I made some major mistakes and Wilson is an unforgiving opponent.  I played a second game with a more balanced list against Matt.  While I have some modifications on the list, it played nice and allowed me to dominate and come back from some pretty bad hits.

I am happy to report my lack of progress has nothing to do with boredom or something worse.  It's because I have been busy on a new venture with Todd (SincaiN40k). Can't really discuss at this time but look for a big announcement by the end of the year. I do have some pics to show though.

The trays will actually have custom cut inserts for the troops.  They also won't be using acrylic on the sides.  I had extras and wanted to work on them.

 A sample custom base.
Custom Base

Friday, October 10, 2014

N3- Pre-order Info with Shipment Date!

From CB via the foums:
Hi everyone! Next Monday the pre-order of 3rd Edition Rulebook of Infinity (N3) begins! This is the pre-order info:
  • Pre-order from October 13th to November 13th, both inclusive.
  • All N3 books reserved during the reserve period will include the exclusive “Authorized Bounty Hunter” miniature that will never be available for retail sale. Every pre-order, at our online store or your favorite FLGS will include this exclusive miniature.
  • MSRP= 59.95€
  • Shipments on December 8th 2014 (Tentative date).
N3 books info:
  • Full color books.
  • Estimated number of pages: Background: 180 pages; Rules: 275 pages
  • Binding: Soft cover with flaps. Both books are content in a case.
  • Available in English or Spanish.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Pre-Orders for N3! Plus Hacking Chart

In one week (Monday 10/13), pre-orders will begin for N3e.  Pre-orders also come with a special miniature.   A new authorized bounty hunter.  Can't wait till Monday. 

Hacking chart looks great.  Works similar to shooting now.  I really can't wait to try these out.